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Our Leadership Development Pathway

Tailored solutions to meet your needs

We aim to help you achieve food safety excellence by maximising the potential of your workforce.  We offer a suite of training packages as well as tailored coaching sessions to help staff develop the skills and expertise they need to become leaders in food safety. Ultimately we need to create food safety champions who will lead the way with a proactive approach to addressing food safety challenges.

Gain new knowledge and build on existing skills

The first step in creating change is  empowering staff with the knowledge and skills they need to make good decisions.

Our training and education program can be tailored to the needs of your organisation as well as individual staff members.

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Taking your team to the next level

The second step in leadership development is empowering team members with the confidence to apply and develop their leadership skills in practical situations.

We teach the fundamental skills needed to be a food safety leader and provide a coach to facilitate the process of applying those skills practically.


Creating Food Safety Champions

The final step along the Food Safety Leadership Pathway is the process of empowering Food Safety Leaders to search out and achieve food safety excellence.

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