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Additional EyeOnRisk Services

We specialise in:

Helping you get prepared for 2nd and 3rd party food safety audits and inspections.

Are you having trouble passing a food safety audit or have an important audit coming up that you cannot afford to fail?  EyeOnRisk specialises in helping companies prepare for and pass their audits.  We will show you how to proactively manage an audit to maximise your results.

Solving Pest Problems

Are you facing persistent problems with rodents, structural pests like cockroaches, stored product insects or birds that normal pest control activities cannot resolve? Contact us - we have a proven methodology to help you get rid of those pests for good.

Finding the Source of Contamination

Do you have consistent food safety related issues that you cannot seem to resolve or are you having problems with product contamination?  We work with your teams to get to the source of the problem.